A national treasure.”
Niall Griffiths (novelist), Planet magazine

LLOYD ROBSON is a poet, novelist, magazine journalist and radio/TV broadcaster. Originally from Wales, UK, he currently lives in Queens, New York. He is a regular columnist for New Welsh Review (UK) and occasional contributor to Rattapallax (USA).

LLOYD reading in New York, October 2012: CLICK

LLOYD was first published as a music journalist back in the 1980s. Then, after a brief spell as a newspaper reporter, he focussed on poetry, making a name for himself at home and abroad as an original and unique creator of often emotional or political poems which combined the musicality of language, sound, image, typography, open field structures, and prose-poetry. He won several awards, not least for his photo-poetry montage Sense of City Road.

“Lloyd Robson is an exceptionally talented writer... I have followed his career with interest and admiration, as he subverts stereotypes and manipulates genre, emerging as one of our most accomplished poets and performers, as well as demonstrating that he is a virtuoso prose stylist.”
Richard Gwyn
(novelist, poet and
professor, Cardiff University School of English)

LLOYD is an accomplished writer of fiction and nonfiction prose. His novel Cardiff Cut hit the top of the booksales charts in Wales and his gonzo-journalistic travel-biography Oh Dad! A Search for Robert Mitchum received high acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic. As with most of his work, it didn't so much sit between genres as create a new genre of its own.

Lusty and profane.
New York Times

Kirkus Reviews, USA

“A rare talent.”
Terrible Work, UK

LLOYD and his work have appeared on radio and TV regularly over the years, in Australia, Estonia, the UK and the USA. He was commissioned by BBC Radio 4 to write and present a documentary on the lost poetry of Robert Mitchum; by BBC Wales TV to write and present Binge Thinking, a documentary about contemporary drinking habits in the UK; and by Evans Woolfe Media/The Open University, to write and present a TV documentary on social structure.

I have watched the sequences and I think they are excellent I think you are a real natural on camera and the performance has just the right blend of preparation and spontaneity. It is everything I hoped it would be.
Harvey Woolfe, Executive Producer, Evans Woolfe Media


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